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Location of Hotel Galini


Limenas is the beautiful capital city of Thasos with the homonymous port, which is connected with the town of Keramoti. A trip in the city offers unique experiences to its visitors. It is located on the north side of the island, opposite the mainland, and you can see Kavala and beautiful Samothraki on sunny days. Here is the place where thasian culture developed during ancient times and there is a plethora of archaeological sites and museums that can give you information about it. The environment of the town is amazing, with descending hills and mountains covered with pinewoods and groves with olive trees.

So, in Limenas is hosting the majority of the public services and  is also the commercial center of the north side of the island. In the center of the town is located the new ,but also the old, port of the island from which are carried out schedules to Keramoti and Kavala. There are many cafeterias and taverns on the coastline but also in the pedestrian-zed streets of Limenas. There you will find lots of small stores, where you can buy souvenirs and unique, local products.

There are many wonderful beaches along its coastline, as well as outside the town, farther along the coast. A beach, just behind the old harbor, bordered by a row of beach bars, cafes and restaurants is a shallow and sandy beach that has been awarded a Blue Flag.


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